Channel Partner Program

At SpectrumVoIP, we’re all about making our customers happy. As a one-stop communications provider for business, we offer the most advanced voice over internet and session initiation protocol technologies, combined with hassle-free installation, easy-to-use interface, countless features, and value-minded solutions.

But we also know that without our Partners, none of this would be possible. That’s why we want to make sure you’re happy, too. The SpectrumVoIP Channel Partner Program is our way of saying thanks for doing what you do. As a Partner, we’ll reward you handsomely for helping us help customers – and isn’t that what you do every day, anyway?

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Channel Partner Benefits

Get Paid Upfront

That’s right. Unlike competitors, we offer immediate compensation to Channel Partners, not month-to-month payments over the life of a client contract. Partners are paid in full on the 15th of the month following deal closure via ACH. After all, you earned it.

VIP Treatment

We appreciate what you do, and treat you accordingly. Channel Partners always receive preferential processing and treatment, with dedicated support staff.

Multiple Payout Options

We know our business – and you know yours. So we offer a variety of compensation options for our Channel Partners. Choose the one that works best for you and your customers. And remember that with SpectrumVoIP, you always receive payment in full after you close the deal.

• 36-month contract. Earn 6x monthly recurring cost (MRC) when we do the install, or earn 8x MRC when you install.

• 48-month contract. Same payment terms as 36-month contract, with an extra 1x MRC incentive for you. • Month-to-month cash option. Earn 1x MRC, or earn 2x MRC when first and last month’s payments are paid up front.

Channel Partner Levels


$1000 Bonus

  • Receive a $1000 bonus when you close three lease accounts with Spectrum VoIP. Easy as that.
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Preset Appointments

  • When you close 10 accounts you’ll begin to receive preset appointments with local businesses from us – making it easier to grow your business. You can expect one appointment per week for two months.
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Tesla Model S

  • Close 1200 seats within a 12-month period and you’ll ride with style in a new Tesla Model S. No catch –100 seats per month gets the job done. The offer is as simple as it sounds.
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