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How VoIP Helped A Car Dealership Experience Massive Success

Award-winning corporation, Sam Pack Automotive Group, desperately needed a solution.

With the rollout of an enhanced VoIP system from SpectrumVOIP, they experienced zero downtime–a huge benefit when handling over $1 million in sales per day.

In 1980, Sam Pack decided to leave his management position at Ford Credit to try something a little bit different. 

That same year, he founded Sam Pack Automotive Dealership. In the 30 years since its inception, he and his team of over 800 employees have experienced marked success. Known for his eclectic car collection and industry-wide expertise, Sam Pack has been recognized as an “Industry Legend” by the Texas Automobile Dealers Association.

With six locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including one Chevrolet, one Subaru, and four Ford dealerships, Sam Pack Automotive Group is a highly respected company, earning the automotive manufacturer’s Triple Crown Award for sales, customer satisfaction, and parts every year since its inception in 1980. 

In 2018, Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford dealerships made up 27% of the New Retail Market, 87% of the Fleet Market, and 51% of the DFW Wholesale Parts Business. But all this success didn’t come without some challenges.

As Sam’s business grew, so did his issues with his communication system. 

The Search for the Right VoIP Solution

“Prior to installing SpectrumVoIP’s hosted PBX system, our dealerships struggled with dropped and unanswered calls and poor audio quality.” Trey Russell, General Manager

Because inbound calls represent the lifeblood of its business, Sam Pack Automotive sought to update, improve, and scale its legacy PBX system.

The problem? The cost was too high.

The company’s network wasn’t capable of providing Internet connectivity across Sam Pack’s six locations and the circuits were vulnerable to inclement weather conditions. 

Call routing was inefficient, call distribution was unreliable, and audio quality was poor. Additionally, the dealerships’ phone equipment lacked the advanced features that they so desperately needed.

It seemed that there were too many problems for the legacy PBX system to solve.

That’s where SpectrumVoIP stepped in.

From Growing Pains to Business Gains

SpectrumVoIP worked with Sam Pack’s dealer group for two years in order to get total buy-in for a new, enhanced VoIP system that would meet all of their needs. 

Since Sam Pack’s Wholesale Parts location cleared approximately $1 million in sales per day, the dealer group was understandably concerned about downed communication during the VoIP installation process. 

Ten minutes of downtime could mean $100,000 of lost sales, so implementation of VoIP service would have to be seamless, efficient, and fast.

SpectrumVoIP addressed the dealer’s concerns about downtime and the lack of continuity across all sites by offering Dual Registration to ensure continuous VoIP service. Then, they overhauled the dealership’s network, installing updated switches, routers, circuits, and firewalls. 

“From the outset, SpectrumVoIP was very hands-on. The rollout of the new communications system was conducted in stages across our six dealerships and did not in any way interfere with day-to-day operations. The implementation of the hosted PBX system was entirely seamless, and our staff immediately noticed the exceptional call quality.” Trey Russell, General Manager

Sam Pack’s new, privately-managed network delivered hard-wired connectivity for maximum performance, including new Category 5 cabling provided at no charge. SpectrumVoIP also removed a distracting loud overhead ringer, making it active only when needed. 

Most notably, the new VoIP system offered unlimited roll-over lines. Exclusive to SpectrumVoIP’s service suite, this advantage ensured that no inbound caller would ever be placed on hold, improving sales and service conversion rates. SpectrumVoIP also provided 24/7/365 technical support for this system, including multiple consultative meetings to improve programming.

What Happens When You Choose SpectrumVoIP

Not only has Sam Pack achieved instantaneous savings with no up-front capital investment, but the fully-managed, ultra-reliable and easy-to-scale VoIP system requires no ongoing maintenance costs. The feature-rich VoIP handsets provide advanced functions, including call recording and reporting tools, further enhancing inbound call tracking and follow-up. 

SpectrumVoIP has transformed Sam Pack Automotive Group’s communications infrastructure, significantly improving staff productivity and efficiency, and positioning the business to derive greater revenue across the sales and service centers of all six locations.

“We now enjoy a communications system that enhances customer satisfaction levels, and we anticipate will have a positive effect on our sales and services revenue.” Trey Russell, General Manager

A scalable VoIP system with all the features a business could need across all locations? That’s what you get when you choose SpectrumVoIP.

Discover How SpectrumVoIP Can Drive the Success of Your Automotive Dealership

Whether you operate one location or multiple dealerships, SpectrumVoIP can simplify your communications infrastructure with a hosted PBX solution that enhances the productivity and efficiency of your sales and service teams. To learn more about how we can help your business, create a custom solution for you, or to receive a demo, visit

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