Benefits of VoIP
Bringing Back One-On-One Communication with Cloud-Based Business Phones


“You never call me anymore.” -Every Single Person’s Mom

Every once in a while, my mom decides to play the “you never call me” guilt card. Setting aside the fact that we FaceTime every other day–and that she never seems to call me–it’s reflective of a myth that we have generally moved on from voice-to-voice communications. Personally, I would rather throw away my $15 avocado toast than pick up the phone and actually use my voice to communicate.

But oddly enough, trends are moving in the opposite direction, especially in the business world. In fact, thanks to new internet phone services, there’s a trend of companies reinvesting in new systems that don’t just improve their efficiency, but their bottom line as well.


It’s funny that every year we seem to get a new technology promising to revolutionize our communications, but none of them seem to stick. Maybe what we needed was a new spin on the original form of communication–talking.

Enter Voice over IP technology. As opposed to the classic land-line-based phone system, VoIP uses broadband internet connections. By sending your phone comms into the cloud, you gain a myriad of advantages like call recording, predicative dialer, the ability to backup connections over cellular connections, and digital voicemail. Welcome to the 21st century, phones.

It’s also scalable, flexible, and more affordable since there’s less of a burden on businesses to invest in infrastructure. In fact, a company doesn’t require a single cent for setup or training.


SpectrumVoIP has been in the VoIP game since 2004. They didn’t just recognize the unique potential of Hosted PBX systems early on, but also found that the category was dominated by massive companies who treated customers like numbers instead of, you know, like customers.

Their solution? Deliver VoIP for businesses with a simple, transparent, and human approach.

That means instead of confusing clients with complicated jargon and services, they provide an all-inclusive service that’s easy to understood. Instead of tucking hidden fees and shady charges into complex agreements, they’re transparent about what their customers are getting.

Finally, instead of the cold corporate vibe of most VoIP companies, they provide dedicated service, from the initial quotes all the way through training and support.

(And yes, you do actually talk to a real live human being when you reach out to SpectrumVoIP).


With new technology comes new opportunity, even if it’s formed from classic technology. Voice over IP is an easy way to provide your business with a cloud-based phone system, without the burden of infrastructure. SpectrumVoIP is a great partner for this technology, providing plenty of features and transparent agreements, all with a human touch.


Written by Aaron Vick