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VoIP Myth # 3: Switching to VoIP is Disruptive

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Can VoIP cause a Disruption?

When you’re managing a successful business, you can’t afford disruption or downtime. If your customers can’t reach you, then you lose not only revenue but their trust. This one of the reasons why some businesses are reluctant to make the switch to VoIP – they’re worried that the transition will be difficult and involves lots of downtime. Well, we’d like to assure you that this is not the case. In fact, switching to Voice over IP is straightforward, fast, and completely non-disruptive. There is absolutely no downtime, and you can continue to use your existing phone system during the installation without disruption.

You can even continue to run your legacy system in parallel with your new VoIP system for as long as you wish. Although, when you see how much more productive your employees are when using Voice over IP (not to mention the cost savings) we think you’ll want to ditch your old system as soon as possible.

The entire installation process is quick and painless. We supply and install the VoIP handsets and associated equipment, we train your staff, we take care of all ongoing maintenance, updates and security requirements, and we provide 24/7 technical support. All for a low fixed monthly fee, with no upfront costs and no hidden charges.

And you don’t need to change your existing phone numbers, meaning there’s no need to update your business cards, website or marketing collateral. Your customers can still reach you on the same number, and the enhanced functionality of your VoIP system will give you more control over these calls, with the ability to answer on your desk phone, cellphone, computer, or voicemail. With VoIP, you never miss a call.

Rest Easy without Disruption

So there’s no reason to worry about disruption to your business. Switching to Voice over IP is an easy choice. The transition is seamless, and your organization will quickly benefit from superior functionality, improved employee productivity, and lower telephony costs.

Find out more about how Voice over IP can enhance your business.

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