Automotive VoIP

Business-class Phone Systems Designed for the Car Sales and Service Industry

Stay in the driver’s seat when managing incoming calls.

You have a big business, so why settle for a system that’s not capable of handling your needs? Whether it’s for service, sales, or general questions, your customers need to be transferred to the right extension without any hassle. SpectrumVoIP offers your customers a quick and seamless call experience, whether through an on-site receptionist or our virtual auto attendant.

We keep you connected, so you don’t lose business.

At SpectrumVoIP, we boast the highest industry standard of 99.999% uptime, so you’ll never have to fret about outages. Traditional analog phone services and even other VoIP providers don’t offer back-up plans, leaving you at risk for chaos and profit loss. With our integrated cellular failover option, your phones will stay connected so that your business can thrive.

Mobile App

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

From the first call to the final sale.

We help your dealership stay productive and efficient by enabling you to analyze call trends, review recordings, and create unique call-flows for each department. Whether you run one location or multiple dealerships, we give you the tools to reduce abandonment rates and keep the conversation clear.

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