Government VoIP

Scale community service, not costs

Provide The Access Your District Needs

Every district’s needs are unique. Scale to meet your user’s demands in real time and keep connected with your constituents. Do this with our government VoIP built to scale to your agency’s needs as they grow. With it you can add features when you need them without delay-and you only pay for what you need when you need it. Whether your agency needs local & toll free numbers, unlimited user extensions, call management, voicemail to email, traditional fax or fax to email service- our VoIP phone service features can help.

Quickly And Easily Scale On Demand

Don’t get caught playing catch as your district’s needs grow.  We can help you integrate high- quality scalable communication technology into your agency easily. With our easy set-up and maintenance driven service, you’ll experience minimal delay as your government VoIP is brought up to date. With PBX, installation is easy. We can also set you up so everything is on your own private network. We can set your agency up so you integrate connectivity without compromising security. Bring your agency into the present and unify your communications both in office and out with your mobile service provider.

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

Optimize Your Outreach With Advanced Features

As your agency grows, so will your needs. When your communication requirements exceed regular services, we have systems in place to help you scale in proportion to your demand and budget. Our government VoIP phone service provides advanced features to let you get and stay connected with your user’s needs, no matter how advanced they are. Whether you need conference bridges, online user portal citizens can access and use from anywhere, call recordings for later playback, time-based routing, and mobility because agents aren’t just for the office anymore-we can help.

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