Healthcare VoIP

Secure patient communication
to help grow your business

Provide Secure Client Communication

Your patients want access in real time when they need it. You need to be there at any hour and keep their call secure. We can help with our healthcare VoIP phone service. Never lose a call-no matter your volume-with customizable auto-attendants that keep customers connected and routed to the right place the first time. Our state of the art VoIP phone service lets you customize your call automation to greet, manage, and keep customers happy. With our help, you can track calls so you never miss a voicemail, and have calls automatically roll over to the first open line with our hosted solution tailored for your needs.

We Are Prepared To Grow With You

Your healthcare practice is growing. Whether you are a private practice looking to scale or a larger company with multiple offices-we have cloud solutions that help. Don’t lose clients due to growing pains and miscommunication. Our healthcare VoIP phone service helps you manage communications and never miss a call again. We help you by merging traditional and paperless solution so you can meet your customer’s needs in real time, reduce your practice’s overhead costs through a tailored list of features, and keep doctors on the go connected securely through their mobile phone service. Our VoIP phone service also lets you cut your need for a dedicated line!

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

We Keep Your Customer’s Calls Secure

Security is important. You want your client’s information kept safe. As a healthcare provider, you know security is key. We want to help you keep your customers safe. That’s why we provide end to end encryption to enable secure calls between locations.  Whether you are in the office or transferring to a doctor on the go, we provide you with the security you need to ensure your patient’s privacy-no matter where you are.

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