Healthcare VoIP

Customizable Phone Systems Designed for the Healthcare Industry

Secure patient communication tailored for your needs.

Patient privacy is critical in your line of work, and at SpectrumVoIP, we take that seriously. Our systems keep you HIPAA compliant by allowing you to disable call-recording for patient interaction. Whether you’re taking calls in the office or transferring a call to a doctor on the go, we provide you with the security you need to ensure patient privacy. Let us know about your safety concerns, and we’ll ensure that you get a reliable, secure communication system customized for your unique needs.

We’re prepared to grow with you.

Your healthcare practice is growing, but we don’t want you to lose patients due to growing pains. Our cloud-based PBX helps you manage communications so you don’t miss calls. We’ll help you merge traditional and paperless documents, so you can meet your customer’s needs in real time. Plus, take advantage of our customizable features, like SMS messaging, CRM integration, full-time call recording, and automated attendants, so that you can streamline your communications as your grow.

Mobile App

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

A phone system that won’t fail you.

When patients are in need, you can’t afford to deal with the hassle of dropped calls and outages. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. With customizable auto-attendants, you can keep customers connected and ensure they get routed to the right place, every time. And, our Cellular Failover system provides back-up connectivity to make sure that your service stays up and running no matter what. When a life is on the line, healthcare providers trust SpectrumVoIP.

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