Non-Profit VoIP

Connect to your cause and expand your impact

Open Access Without Increasing Costs

Your mission is growing. That means your needs are too. Don’t get caught unprepared. Be ready to provide aid when and where it’s needed with clear connectivity. Our Non-Profit VoIP phone service system is key to helping you raise awareness behind your cause, reach and engage volunteers wherever they are, and grow your beneficiaries nationwide. You can do all this without increasing your cost out of proportion to your need or impacting your bottom line. We can help you increase your reach and how you help others by making it easy to get and stay connected.

Stay Connected Wherever With A Diverse Feature List

You don’t know where you’ll be when the next call comes. It could be a volunteer with a problem, a donor with a question, or someone who needs help. Keep connected with our voip phone service features by creating a unified communication strategy that will redact your environmental impact through utilizing electronic messaging, fax to email services, and keep you in contact with staff at even the most remote locations. We offer help you need ranging from auto-attendants to handle calls when you can’t, call forwarding to get the right person on the line right away, and do it all while providing high-quality call clarity. Never miss an emergency, call for help, or donation with our system.

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

We Help You Stay Focused On Your Cause

You are running a non-profit. You don’t have time to worry about technology, connectivity, or installation. We know this. That’s why we handle everything for you-with no cost for installation for your non-profit VoIP phone service and PBX system. Our service helps you remain focused on the things that matter most-your mission. Put your energy toward whom you are helping, maintaining outreach and ensuring your volunteers are prepared to succeed-and let us handle the rest.

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