Non-Profit VoIP

Customizable Communication for Greater Impact

Focus on the Mission, Expand Your Reach

Let your SpectrumVoIP system do the work so that you can focus on the cause. With our Auto Attendant feature, you can have the presence of a Fortune 500 company by increasing efficiency without the additional overhead. You can also create custom phone greetings or group texts, allowing you to spread the word about upcoming events or fundraising goals. And, at SpectrumVoIP, we offer your non-profit a versatile communication system that allows you to work at the office, on the road, or at home. Receive phone calls and texts when you’re out of the office by using our mobile app, all while still using your non-profit’s caller ID. You can even ensure that no caller ever gets a busy signal by taking advantage of free unlimited lines.

Customizable Features to Suit Your Unique Needs

As a non-profit, you receive plenty of requests and questions. Whether it’s a volunteer with a problem, a donor with a question, or someone in need of your help, we keep you connected at all times. You’ll have access to our free, customizable suite of features including SMS messaging, CRM integration, full-time call recording, and much more. Even if you have an internet outage, our cellular contingency service will keep your phones ringing, while never compromising your high-quality call clarity. Never miss an emergency, a call for help, or a donation with SpectrumVoIP.

Mobile App

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

Increasing Reach Without Increasing Costs

You want to increase your impact, but it’s difficult when your phone system doesn’t grow with you. Our scalable, customizable phone systems help non-profits raise awareness, rally and engage volunteers, and reach fundraising goals faster. With SpectrumVoIP, it’s possible to do all this without breaking the bank. In fact, most businesses save money on their monthly bill. SpectrumVoIP offers a user-friendly, reliable system, without all the extra costs or hidden fees. Enjoy enterprise features at small business pricing; check out our plans and see for yourself!

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