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VoIP Myth #4: Business Stops when the Internet Goes Down

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Is the Internet Down?

As discussed in our previous article,  we often ask ourselves this question during any form of internet outage or network disruption that significantly impacts your business. Although broadband internet connections are generally very reliable, they do occasionally experience events like an internet outage.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading to Voice over IP, then perhaps you’re concerned that your operations will grind to a halt with an internet outage. Fortunately, modern VoIP platforms are designed to cope with this type of situation.

How Do I Prepare for an Internet Outage?

Integrated redundancy, disaster routing and call continuity features can automatically forward calls to specified mobile phones or fixed phones at an alternative location during internet outages, ensuring no call is ever missed.

Mobile-ready VoIP systems allow employees to access the system via their mobile devices. With mobile-ready VoIP, the functions available on VoIP handsets are available on smartphones, including caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and call transfer. The system can also be configured to route unanswered calls to the employee’s business voicemail message, instead of their personal voicemail. A more reliable (but more expensive) option is to install two separate broadband connections from two different ISPs. The secondary connection will enable employees to make VoIP phone calls as normal if the primary connection fails. This option also has the benefit of ensuring your non-voice applications (email, web access etc.) remain available.

Trust SpectrumVoIP During an Internet Outage

If you’ve been considering a switch to VoIP but hesitated due to concerns about losing your phone service during an internet outage, then it’s important to remember that you can mitigate the risk by implementing these strategies. There’s no need to worry about disruption to your business.

Switching to Voice over IP should be an easy choice, and our experienced technicians will ensure the transition is quick and painless. We supply and install the handsets, configure the call continuity features, train your employees, and take care of all ongoing maintenance, updates and security requirements. We also provide 24×7 technical support, and all for a low fixed monthly fee, with no upfront costs or hidden charges.

To learn more about how Voice over IP can benefit your business – even during an internet outage.

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