Carrie Morris

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Review Date: 3/11/21
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Horrible experience. I have used them twice now. Both with bad experiences. Our system has never worked since installation two months ago. They have disrupted our internet functioning without permission. Despite this manipulation they still can’t get the phones to function properly. We are a small office with a minimal amount of work stations. My business has suffered for their failure to perform. I am looking for a new VOIP provider tomorrow.

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  1. Michelle Ashworth, 3/12/21 at 8:30am CST:
    Looks like there was a site visit completed for this customer yesterday. Customer reported qos issues that appear to be related to their wifi connection.

    Site Visit Notes
    Needs to be on-site. From the customer:

    “We were told that the reason we have static on our phones is due to the fact that the internet speed is too slow. I reached out to Frontier and they are increasing it to 500mbps tomorrow afternoon. However, the representative said this is not the reason for the static. The quality /speed of the internet would only cause the calls to drop since the communication is on a binary system (1s and 0s – on or off). The internet would not affect the quality of the transmission according to Frontier. Please have a technician come out to look wiring. He said it is related to this. We did not have this issue until after the ice storm….”

    Work Performed
    I tested the customers speed and it was at 75mbps . the entire site is on WIFI and they are losing connection to the ISP. the had some phones that were not connecting to the WIFI .
    I changed out the WIFI dongles with the antenna type and reconnected the service to the phones. I rested several calls incoming and outgoing and was not able to duplicate the static issue. all phones tested good with the customer . they wil be calling ISP Frontier to see why is there service is no the higher MBPS that they are paying for.

    Additional chatter from our tech (John Diaz):
    No additional unfo just that they have bad static on incoming and outgoing calls. Yes I tested incoming and with the front desk and manager. I was not able to duplicate the static. they had some small Dongles in the back of the phone for WIFI. I supplied them with the antenna WIFI adapters that seem to have a beter signal connection.

  2. David McElhaney, 3/12/21 at 9:54AM CST:

    Thank you Michelle for tracking down that info!

    Currently JD is communicating with the customer and has a new SV-31703 created for us to go-back today if at all possible, but no later than Monday. He’s also requested the onsite tech call him to assist with trouble shooting so that all potential causes are explored.
    At this time, we’ll let our TS team attempt to resolve and hopefully after a successful resolution we/I can request the review be reversed/updated.

    JD, please keep us updated and let me know how I can assist.

    Thank you all for your efforts!

  3. Bryan Greene, Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 2:36 PM

    Sure thing JD,

    This is very troubling. I just spoke to the tech Chris Harlan who was on-site on 3/26 to complete the work. He said he and a FN tech, Dwight, ran every cable they could. They were scheduled to run 6 lines but a fire wall prevented them from running the 6th line, the 5 lines were ran with no outstating work to be completed.

    This work would have been completed on 3/19 as we had previously scheduled, but the office was full of other workers, including a Fire Panel tech as well as HVAC techs. Chris noted when he arrived on-site that there were 4 people in the attic alone. Dr. Morris expressed her apologies when I contacted her about that issue.

    I was waiting for an updated SV, but Chris has been OOO and was unable to complete. I have asked him to complete by EOD to shore things up.

    I have an outstanding updated ERC for their 6th phone I have contacted Dr. Morris about repeatedly. I will contact her here shortly to finalize the account.

    What steps can we take as a team moving forward to make sure the account is in good standing and keep poor reviews to a minimum?

    John-David Alford, Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 12:32 PM


    When you get a chance, please take a look into the current status of the Carrie Lynn Morris MD account and update everyone here.

    Thank you

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