Chad Bauman

Platform: Google
Review Date: 8/24/20
Star Rating: ★✩✩✩✩

Be careful with these guys. They will charge you many hidden fees, for example, document fee, equipment loan, and etc.

2 responses to “Chad Bauman”

  1. David McElhaney on 9/8/2020 wrote:

    Chad Bauman – Spoke with Chad briefly but was unable to discuss his review because he referred me to “Man” rather quickly. I tried to discuss their concerns with Man who expressed some confusion as to the various entities they had to pay. I asked them to send me a copy of their invoice with the doc fee on it that we are going to reimburse them for as a show of interest to take care of them.

    Overall, Man doesn’t speak good English, so it was hard to have a solid discussion. My sense was that the “jury is still out” as far as their feelings go regarding the sales process. I mentioned the review but didn’t get anywhere regarding an update or removal of the review.

  2. Public Response:

    Chad, we understand your frustration and we apologize for not clearly explaining your bill with you.
    The document fee you were charged is a typical fee that is charged by the lender when we submit you for your equipment loan. Our service consists of two bills: one from the leasing company for your equipment, and one for service (from SpectrumVoIP).
    Going forward, we want to better inform our customers of this. We are making sure that our Project Management team puts more time and effort into explaining this to each customer.

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