Leena Alexander

Platform: Google
Review Date: 8/15/20
Star Rating: ★✩✩✩✩

Read their fine print . yes low price but they catch you in their equipment . Very very unhappy . Unethical to the core .cheap equipment for 5 years . they had told us no contract but in the end they do have contract for their equipment . stay clear from them . very unprofessional. Run as fast as you possibly can !!!!!!’

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  1. 8/28/20: Michelle Ashworth reported-

    I reached out to Leena Alexander this morning as she requested and she confirmed there are NO issues with the service. Her concern is that she claims the salesperson did not disclose that there was a contract. She said she specifically asked them if there was a contract for the service and that they said no but they later showed up asking for her signature and she accidentally signed a 5 year contract. The reason she mentions “cheap equipment” in her complaint is because she said her contract is to pay $6,000 for equipment that she has researched is not worth that much but confirmed to me again that there is no issue with the service. She said she was advised by her lawyer and other competitor telecom companies that our contract and equipment are “not good”.

    Feels she was tricked into signing a 5-year contract​
    Is not having any issues with the service
    Believes she is overpaying for the phones

    Is there anything we can look into to verify that she was made aware that there was a contract? It also sounds like she might be interested in having nicer phones if that is an option. She can be reached today at 817-889-7766 to further discuss this.


  2. David McElhaney on 9/8/2020 wrote:

    Leena Alexander – I spoke with Leena and one of her main issues is that she states that she was told we can integrate with a dentist management software call Dentrix. I checked into it and Dentrix doesn’t integrate with any phone service. I updated Leena and she was still skeptical and wanted me to speak with her co-worker. We were supposed to talk on 9/4 but he never got back with me to schedule a time after he said 9/4 would be good. He’s only available on Fridays so I need to reschedule that conversation.

  3. Public Response:

    Leena, we appreciate the time you took to write in and share your thoughts. It concerns us that you feel you were tricked into signing a contract as we have all customers sign an acknowledgment form. It is not our goal to make you feel this way and we are truly disheartened it happened.
    We also apologize that you were promised more than we could provide. Unfortunately, our service cannot integrate with Dentrix (as it has no known integration capabilities).
    To remedy this from ever happening again, we are implementing more rigorous sales training to empower our salespeople. With a deeper understanding of our services, they will be equipped with a full knowledge to better answer questions from potential customers.

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