Keep Connected Everywhere With A Mobile Office

Keep Connectivity On The Move

You know the way business is being done has changed. Now your team works as much out of the office as they do in it. Your customers expect you to help them get and stay connected no matter where your team is. With Stratus Mobile, our mobile office solution, you can stay connected and enjoy uninterrupted communication on calls. You do this with a mobile solution tailored to your team’s unique needs. The Stratus mobile application works with both iOS and Android smartphones-so your team will experience zero limitations. Our mobile office solutions are free from traditional pain points and hiccups traditional providers have as well. Keep your team connected, no matter where they are, with our mobile office.

Grow Access While Cutting Costs

Do you want to open up access to your team no matter where they are? Using a cloud mobile solution, we can open communication to your team in the field without breaking your budget. We also made our mobile solution accessible wherever you have internet access. You can get connected through a web browser to send faxes, check any voicemails, along with a host of other features. Our mobile office solution is a convenient way to tap into consumer needs, deliver high-quality service customers want, all while reducing costs.  Find out how our solutions can keep your team connected from wherever they are.