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Partner Spotlight: Spain Telecom

Channel Partner Profile

Spain Telecom has supported the total telecommunications needs of business clients in Eastern North Carolina for the past decade. Over the years, Spain Telecom has continued to adapt to the needs of his clients based on the current technologies. The ability to deliver world-class support is a constant theme with Spain Telecom.  This company continues to provide solutions to solve both operation and financial concerns using the latest technologies available.

For many years, Spain Telecom was primarily focused on the sale of on-premise phone systems provided by NEC. Spain Telecom reached out to their Value Added Re-seller (Optus) for assistance in considering a UCaaS solution. It was then that Spain Telecom was introduced to SpectrumVoIP as a potential provider. After several remote and on-site meetings, Lee Spain determined SpectrumVoIP to be a seamless integration with Spain Telecom to continue to deliver world class, cost effective telecom solutions to his clients. He also realized SpectrumVoIP will support and train him to sell hosted VoIP and provide him the tools to transform his business model from obsolete on-premise systems to modern UCaaS solutions.

Business Information:

Channel Partner: Spain Telecom – Greenville, NC
Industry: Telecommunications
Contact: Lee Spain

Partner Q&A with Lee Spain of Spain Telecom

At the center of that decision was Lee Spain (Founder-President) to add SpectrumVoIP as a helpful tool in the support of clients.  Listed below are some of thoughts that went into making the decision to add SpectrumVoIP:

Why did you select SpectrumVoIP as a new partner?

I chose SpectrumVoIP because of the great customer service, support for companies like mine, and the many features that come with the service at no extra cost. I chose SpectrumVoIP because of their wonderful reputation of customer support. I rely on a partner that can deliver support because that is what I have built my business on. SpectrumVOIP delivers a truly wonderful solution that offers standard-competitive pricing

Have you been happy with the pre-sale support, post support installation and support of clients?

Yes. Communication has been very good to determine how things should be addressed. My impressions of SpectrumVoIP have exceeded my original expectations. Everyone from project managers to sales support have helped our clients in a very quick and efficient manner, which is all that I can ask.

What would you say to a company potentially considering partnering with SpectrumVoIP to support hosted voice needs?

I have worked with other Hosted VoIP companies and found out that SpectrumVoIP offers more support to achieve my goals. They really assist in different ways to explain and support my company.  The telecommunications world can be very confusing to our clients.  SpectrumVoIP helps design and implement solutions that make sense financially and operationally.  SpectrumVoIP has helped me grow my business with a truly wonderful solution.

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