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The ultimate, full-service phone system for universities, high schools, and elementary schools.

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Grade A+ Features

Your students & staff deserve the BEST!

Enjoy the most advanced technology, 50+ features. and enterprise-quality support with ZERO hidden costs!

Industry-Leading Phones

From desk phones to headsets, get equipped with the best VoIP phones for your school.

Zero Upfront Costs

We never charge you upfront. You get one, affordable monthly rate with zero hidden fees.

Safety Features

The robust safety features ensure immediate precautions in the event of any emergency.

Automatic Failover

If your internet connection goes down, no worries–your VoIP service remains uninterrupted.

Setup & Service

Everyone from your project manager to 24/7 emergency support are dedicated to you.

The Everything Plan

The cost-effective solution that school boards love.

We have zero upfront costs, so you can try out our VoIP phone system without having to go to the board for funding. With our Everything Plan, you get a phone system with a huge list of communication features essential for your school, all included in your one flat monthly rate.

Safety First, Always.

Stay focused on educating our youth, we'll focus on keeping you safe.

UCaaS Business Solutions

Accessibility in Every Classroom

Our platform allows emergency services to be dialed from any room with a phone.


Emergency Services at Your Fingertips

If a teacher dials 911 from Room 101, the address of the school and the room number will automatically be passed to the 911 dispatch.


Help Arrives Right to Your Door

When help arrives, they will know exactly which room to go to, saving critical time-especially in potentially dangerous situations.


Taking Precautions for You

Most VoIP companies provide only the school address. At SpectrumVoIP, we know that time is of the essence when providing safety for students and staff.

Setup as easy as 1, 2, 3...

The only phone provider in the country that requires no commitment
and no contract up front.

We install your new VoIP system, train your staff, and make sure everything is set up and working BEFORE we ask whether you would like to continue with us.

Step 1: Account Setup

You are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will handle everything for your school from start to finish.

Step 2: Meet The Team

Introduction to the people who will be working with your school from the Project Manager to the support team.

Step 3: Scheduling

Your onsite installation will be set for whatever date & time works best for your school's schedule.

Step 4: Installation

Our professional technicians come out to your campus and install your equipment at no additional cost.

Step 5: Porting

We transfer your current numbers to your new phones, so communication with your customers continues seamlessly.

Step 6: Account Completion

Everything is properly set so you’re up and running with zero downtime--a must-have for every school!

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If you don’t love your new phone system, you’re under no obligation to continue with us!

Your school staff and students
are our priority.

Transforming the way you communicate for a better future. 

Just take a look at what our customers have to say!

“I was fed up with being overcharged and long customer service wait times with AT&T. I contacted SpectrumVoIP and had an excellent experience from the first call to install.”
- Mark Simington, Benassist Health Insurance Services
“SpectrumVoIP’s dedication to success and their customers is what sets them apart. Unlike other providers who expect you to do most of the work, SpectrumVoIP works with you to ensure a success story.”
- Constantin Serban, Innovetive Petcare
“SpectrumVoIP was a breath of fresh air. Professional, punctual, and efficient. Would recommend anyone looking to set up an office with multiple phones and location.”
- Carson Fair, H2 Wellness & Medspa


With lines as low as $15/user and no upfront costs, you'll enjoy the best VoIP service
and the best phone system - at the very best prices.


There’s no question–landlines are outdated. And the phones that go with them? Clunky, unreliable, and riddled with old technology. With VoIP, you get the most safety features, seamless integration, and extremely user-friendly technology. Considering the amount of calls and communications your staff has to handle each day, switching to VoIP is a no-brainer.

VoIP is safety-conscious, operating using a private network and allowing administrators and families to establish an emergency communication system. Additionally, it allows teachers and administrators to easily stay in contact with students and parents through its accessible communication tools.

A school VoIP is a virtual phone system configured to the specific needs of your school. VoIP allows you to make calls using an existing internet connection, rather than traditional hard-wired phone lines. This makes it much more reliable, especially in emergency situation. In addition, you can assign an extension number for each teacher and staff member, and keep an open communication channel  between your students, faculty, and parents.

All you need for VoIP is a high-speed internet connection and a VoIP service provider. SpectrumVoIP actually gives you brand new phones that are compatible with the best VoIP technology at no additional cost!

The benefits are numerous. In addition to virtual voicemail–a great way for you to check messages conveniently–you get:

  • Auto attendant for call routing
  • One-click conference calling
  • Caller ID
  • Intercom
  • Call recording

For a complete list of features, visit us here.

With SpectrumVoIP, you get 100% dedication from everyone on our team. We make sure your school is equipped with the best phones, reliable emergency services, and we offer unlimited training and support. We value our schools and our children, and we express our heartfelt gratitude for all that you do through our white-glove service, from the very first day you sign with us, and every day thereafter.