Customer Testimonials

"Phones are working all the time without any downtime, no complaints"

Staff City of Pottsboro

"Things have been good since we’ve on-boarded with SpectrumVoIP and it’s been an overall a good experience"

Zeeshan Vrani Prime Communications

"Thank you for sending Chris H. out. He was very professional and extremely helpful…he went over and above what was requested…He is a great asset."

Staff Rolling Hills Apartments

"I have been impressed with SpectrumVoIP. They seem attentive, thorough, efficient and on top of their game. A welcome relief from the nightmare that is AT&T"

Kurt Messerschmitt The FIG Group, LLC

"I really notice, appreciate and am comforted by SpectrumVoIP and your ability and willingness to rise in the face of adversity…THANK YOU."

Jeff Madden AGAP of Texas