Updates to our Stratus Unified Communications Platform – v41

We’re excited to announce new features and updates to our Stratus Unified Communications platform. We’ve designed these new features to make business communications easier and more productive for you and your team. Our updates focus on improving collaboration, system integration, and ease of use — all so that you can focus on the things that matter most to your business.

This is our biggest upgrade ever. Read on to learn what you can expect to see in the upcoming update.


We’ve redesigned our newest collaboration tool! With new features and increased customization, you’re able to stay connected and collaborate like never before. Here are a few new features you’ll be able to enjoy with this update:

  • Customize the login page and video background screen with your own images
  • Configure the platform to display specific images for different domains
  • Access your account using the new Google or Microsoft 365 single sign-on options
  • View scheduled meetings after login and schedule meetings in advance
  • Join in-session meetings with a single click
  • Configure standalone, one-time meeting or recurring meetings
  • Choose from two new meeting types: conference or presentation mode
  • Allow participants to register for a presentation prior to attending
  • Experience more control of meetings by allowing meeting administrators to control whether participants are able to share their video and audio or by giving that control to hosts and presenters
  • Record your meetings for future use
  • Meetings can be configured only to bridge participants together
  • Edit meeting options such as privacy settings, password settings, and more
  • Collaborate using virtual meeting rooms that allow users to come and go as they please without having to create a specific meeting time
  • Download a recording, statistics for chat logs, and any file attachments from a previous meeting

And this isn’t all that the new StratusMEETING has to offer. Learn more about expanded features in this video:

NEW! Text-to-Speech

This new feature is easy to set up and offers professional-sounding menus, voicemails, and messages powered by Amazon Polly, Google, and IBM Watson. Text-to-Speech allows you to type messages into the manager portal to be read in the language and accent you select.

Text-to-Speech makes your day more efficient and more productive in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the need for new users to call in and record their name and voicemail greeting
  • Create auto attendant intro greetings
  • Change menu prompts by typing the change in the message field instead of recording a new greeting
  • Type messages into the message option in the menu prompt
  • Create messages for queue agents to hear when answering a call from a queue
  • Create music on-hold introductory greetings messages
  • Change all messages with one consistent, professional-sounding voice

Learn more about Text-to-Speech in this video:

NEW! Speech-to-Text

Enjoy Speech-to-text for dynamic voice-driven IVRs and interactive menus powered by Google! Here are a few of the ways that this new feature will revolutionize your workflow:

  • Callers can route their calls by their words rather than the dial pad on their phone
  • When a caller reaches a company directory, they can say the person’s name or the department they are searching for instead of typing the first three letters of the party’s first or last name into their dial pad
  • When callers are in an auto attendant, they can say keywords to route their calls to the destination they are attempting to reach
  • Administrators can configure and modify this feature by simply using the dial pad menu and inputting speech keywords to route calls

With Speech-to-Text, callers can enjoy a more efficient, hands-free calling experience.

Learn more about Speech-to-Text in this video:

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the unveiling of all of these new features designed to make your business communications easier, smoother, and more productive!