Who We Are

When it comes to your phone service provider, trust an established company.

Since the early 2000s, we have serviced businesses and organizations nationwide by developing innovative communication solutions that fit each industry’s needs. Using cutting-edge technology, we have helped businesses of every size get and stay connected with their teams and customers.

We’ve come a long way from where we started.

SpectrumVoIP started from humble beginnings before becoming the industry leader we are today. What was once four employees hosting a data center out of an apartment is now over 200 employees in a two-story office in Legacy West, Plano, TX. We’ve grown exponentially in both size and expertise, changing the face of VoIP technology along the way.

Why We Started

We started in the business communication industry leasing out phone systems to businesses. Whether you were a two-person company or massive operation, we had a communication solution for you. We saw that paying for a system didn’t make sense for most businesses, so we helped them get great systems at a fraction of the total purchase price. The same principles are at work in our services today.

Then Vs. Now

We initially sold systems from companies like Avaya, NEC, and Nortel, which were the leading technologies at the time. Then several years ago, the industry began to shift. Communication technology was improving, and the cost to integrate it into businesses, small or large, was creating massive opportunities. What used to be unaffordable for the average business became not only affordable, but necessary. Weighed down with service fees, taxes, and maintenance costs, analog phone lines had become overly expensive and—thanks to the power of the Internet—obsolete.