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SpectrumVoIP - Enhance Business Communications
Stratus Business Phone System

Take your business phone system to new heights

Communicate with distinction – why settle for less when SpectrumVoIP offers the best?


Seamlessly perform communication tasks

Operate with ease

Incorporate anywhere and everywhere

Effortlessly integrate with your business

We prioritize your business communication systems.

Our Everything Plan

Stop, drop or hold.

(Customize your hold music.)

Connect from your preferred device


Seamless Integration. Clear Communication.

  • Seamless Integration with CRM Systems: SpectrumVoip offers easy and seamless integrations with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, ensuring that your communication and customer data are synchronized, allowing for a more efficient and personalized customer experience.

  • Third-Party Application Compatibility: SpectrumVoip’s integrations extend to various third-party applications, providing flexibility and versatility in your communication setup. Whether it’s integrating with productivity tools or custom applications, SpectrumVoip ensures compatibility for a seamless workflow.

Phone system features that keep everyone focused

Auto Attendant

A virtual receptionist enabling callers to enter extensions, reach departments and use the Dial-by-Name Directory with ease. Effortlessly configure via our online portal or contact our support team for quick adjustments to meet your evolving business needs. 

Call Forwarding

This functionality grants users the capability to direct incoming calls to a 10-digit number, while also affording the option to reroute calls to alternative destinations, such as other extensions, an auto attendant, or a call queue. The administration of this feature can be accomplished through our online portal or by entering a designated code using your phone.

Call Popping

Enhance operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating with your CRM system, providing the valuable advantage of instant access to customer records and information, which can be displayed conveniently during inbound calls. This integration empowers your team to provide personalized and informed customer interactions, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction.

Call Queues

Facilitates efficient call handling by organizing incoming calls, ensuring that customers are promptly attended to in a structured manner. This feature optimizes customer service by minimizing wait times and enhancing agent productivity, thereby contributing to a seamless communication experience.

Call Recording

Enables users to capture and store audio conversations over the internet, enhancing security and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Accessing all spoken conversations through call recordings can enhance training and quality control efforts within your business.

Call Routing

Efficiently directs incoming calls to the appropriate destination, whether it’s an individual, department, or specific device, ensuring streamlined communication within an organization. By intelligently managing call routing, businesses can optimize their customer service, reduce call handling times, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Click to Call

Empowers users to effortlessly initiate phone calls by clicking on a contact or phone number, promoting efficient and instant connections in a digital environment.

Unified Caller ID

Efficiently establishes phone calls by clicking on a contact or phone number, promoting instant connections in a digital environment.

The VoIP quality you deserve at the price you want.