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Domino’s Pizza

In a candid conversation, Erik Sedgwick, CPO of SpectrumVoIP, and Steve Palmer, owner of multiple Domino's Pizza stores, reflect on the seamless transition to SpectrumVoIP's services, praising the impeccable support.

In the video, Erik Sedgwick, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of SpectrumVoIP, engages in a discussion with Steve Palmer, a loyal customer who owns multiple Domino’s Pizza stores. The focus of their conversation is SpectrumVoIP’s exceptional service and the positive experiences Steve has had with the company. Steve highlights past difficulties he encountered with other service providers and contrasts them with the seamless and flawless experience he has had with SpectrumVoIP. They delve into topics such as the challenges of expanding services into new locations and how SpectrumVoIP has supported Steve’s business growth effortlessly.

During the conversation, Steve expresses his gratitude for the smooth installation process, which he describes as a pivotal factor in his ongoing satisfaction with SpectrumVoIP. Erik emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing top-notch customer service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses like Steve’s Domino’s Pizza stores.

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