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SpectrumVoIP - Enhance Business Communications

Sam Pack Ford Dealers

Sam Pack Ford, a renowned Texas car dealership, upgraded to SpectrumVoIP's Voice over IP system after 2 years of consulting. This switch brought immediate savings and seamless service across all locations, enhancing efficiency and support.

Sam Pack Ford, a long-standing figure in Texas car dealerships, sought to modernize their telecommunications systems for improved efficiency and reliability. Facing challenges with scalability and service from their current provider, they turned to SpectrumVoIP for a solution. With over 2 years of consulting partnership, SpectrumVoIP proposed a Voice over IP system, replacing outdated equipment with a hosted PBX system across all dealership locations. This overhaul delivered immediate cost savings, eliminated maintenance expenses, and ensured seamless service continuity through a dual failover setup. The result: a modern showroom equipped with color-screen phones, streamlined management, and unlimited support and training, enhancing operational efficiency from day one.

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