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SpectrumVoIP - Enhance Business Communications

Wyatt Technical

Discover the transformative journey of Christi Wyatt and Wyatt Technical as they unlock unprecedented growth through SpectrumVoIP's Channel Program.

In SpectrumVoIP’s Channel Program testimonial, Christi Wyatt of Wyatt Technical recounts the transformative impact of partnering with SpectrumVoIP. Initiated by Danny Milnes years ago, the collaboration has been instrumental in doubling Wyatt Technical’s business growth. With SpectrumVoIP’s intuitive product, Wyatt Technical’s customers have embraced the solution, facilitating expansion and the hiring of additional sales personnel.

Crucially, SpectrumVoIP has relieved Wyatt Technical of 90% of the support burden, allowing Christi’s team to focus on core business activities while enjoying robust commission rewards. Through proactive project management and remote installation services, SpectrumVoIP streamlines processes, enabling Wyatt Technical to efficiently serve its clientele as frontline installers.

Christi’s resounding endorsement emphasizes the invaluable support and collaborative environment offered by SpectrumVoIP. She urges prospective partners to seize the opportunity, citing SpectrumVoIP’s exceptional product and team. As Christi aptly puts it,

“With SpectrumVoIP, they take 90% of [the support burden], and I’m left with the 10% of it. But the commission check is 100%!”

Christi Wyatt, CEO of Wyatt Technical

This testimonial serves as a compelling invitation for new partners to join the SpectrumVoIP Channel Partner Program and unlock their business’s full potential.

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