Allows call center managers or administrators to interact with their agents in three ways. First, Monitor connects the manager to join an active phone call as a “fly on the wall” enabling the user to listen to the conversation of the caller, agent or employee without interruption. Second. Coaching links the manager to the employee or agent’s call without notifying the customer. Third, Barge creates an instant three-way conference call. This can be utilized to assist with collaborating with other agents, closing a sale or lead and collecting accurate information or data. All three functions can be activated by dialable phone code or via the stratus manager portal.

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Can all parties on an active or live call hear me?

Yes, while in a barge state all parties can communicate with one another.

How can I activate this feature?

This can be activated in one of two ways. Either by dialing a predefined code on your desk phone or by clicking the speaker icon next to a live call.

How does an agent know a manager is coaching them?

The agent will hear the manager begin to offer suggestions.