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SpectrumVoIP - Enhance Business Communications

Cutting-edge Cybersecurity

Stratus Managed Network

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Enterprise-grade security for less.

Stratus revolutionizes communication with its cutting-edge user interface, fostering personalization and advanced connectivity across multiple devices. Elevate productivity and efficiency as Stratus seamlessly integrates tailored features, delivering a dynamic user experience for modern communication needs.

We take care of it all

At SpectrumVoIP, we handle your business’s operations, combining top-notch security and quality, so you can focus on growth. Our integrated approach ensures expert protection for your digital infrastructure and exceptional quality in all interactions, allowing you to scale confidently and propel your business forward with unwavering security and excellence.”

  • Included onsite installation
  • Tailored expertise
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Ongoing management and support
  • Local presence
  • Compatible with business phone system

Game-changing Cybersecurity

Fortinet’s cutting-edge technology offers multi-layered defense mechanisms, safeguarding your digital assets from a wide spectrum of malicious activities, including malware, phishing attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities. Scalability ensures that as your organization grows, your security solutions can adapt and expand accordingly, providing a future-proof security framework that aligns with your evolving needs and challenges.

Explore Features

Featured Hardware


Fortinet Router


Fortinet POE


Fortinet Access Point

  • Router: A trusted network security appliance that combines firewall protection, SD-WAN functionality, zero trust network access enforcement and device optimization, ensuring comprehensive security and consistent user experiences across all connected devices.
  • Fortinet PoE Switch: A network switch that delivers  data and power over Ethernet ports to connected devices. Allowing for simpler and cleaner deployments, streamlining the data deliverance process.
  • Fortinet APs: Wireless access points that provide devices with a gateway to connect to wired networks through Wi-Fi, facilitating seamless and reliable wireless connectivity. 

Cyber attacks cost, don't short change your business.

Your business is priceless.