Call Recording

If you decide to opt in to our call recording feature you will have complete access to all calls made and received for your business. Determine who is allowed to review call recordings, specify by user which calls can be recorded and even pause or turn off the feature if it is no longer needed. Call recordings can help improve training and quality control by having access to everything that is said over the phone at your business.

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How many days of call recordings can I access?

Once enabled, Call Recordings are grouped into blocks going back 30 days, with the first block being absolutely free.

How long are my call recordings saved?

Once opted in and enabled for your account, your calls are saved in the cloud for 30 days, absolutely free. During those 30 days you can download and back them up locally from your Web Portal.

Can I disable my call recordings temporarily?

Yes, you can disable call recordings by extension, at a moments notice, if needed for compliance. This can be done from either your phone, or through our Web Portal.

Can I have call recording enabled for specific users and disabled for others?


How do I access my call recordings?

Through your web portal, Stratus, you can access all call recordings that have occurred in the past 30 days and download them as needed.