Unlimited Auto Attendants

An auto attendant is a virtual receptionist allowing callers to enter extensions, departments, and access the Dial-by-Name Directory. Configuration of an Auto Attendant is easy with our user friendly online web portal or by calling our support staff. Make changes at a moment’s notice to meet your business’s ever expanding needs.

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Can I create an after hours Auto Attendant?

SpectrumVoIP offers unlimited auto attendants. This enables Users to create as many call routing options as needed such as, after hours routing and holiday hours routing.

Can I have more than one Auto Attendant?

Absolutely! Our clients have options ranging from simple voicemails to multiple Auto Attendants that will activate based on unique time frames during business hours, holidays or between lunches.

How can I set up my Auto Attendant?

You can either record your own auto attendant and easily upload to your web portal, or send the audio file to our tech support team and have them configure it for you.

Can my Auto Attendant route calls somewhere besides my business?

Yes, the Auto Attendant feature can route calls to remote employees, cell phones and any other outside phone number.

How much does an Auto Attendant cost?

The Auto Attendant feature is included with your cloud hosted phone system from SpectrumVoIP at no additional cost.