Easy Online Management with Free Expert Training

When you choose SpectrumVoIP, you get phone systems that are easy to use and manageable online, allowing you to focus your attention on what really matters: your business.

Why Businesses Choose SpectrumVoIP

We believe that your phone system should facilitate, not frustrate.
We developed a proprietary technology called Stratus Web Portal, a customizable platform for businesses of all sizes, so you can spend less time managing the phones and more time running your business.

We offer you:

  • Straightforward training sessions delivered by our dedicated, expert instructional staff
  • Refresher training sessions for questions or concerns that may arise down the road

We believe that you should have access to your phone system anytime.
That’s why we ensure 24/7 accessibility and control through our user-friendly Web Portal.

We believe in stellar customer service.
Our goal is to offer a customer experience that outshines the competition all while bringing you the latest technology in business phone systems.

Stratus Web Portal: Out with the OLD, in with the NEW

The Old Way: Traditional Phone Systems

Managing a traditional business phone system is challenging, involving extensive training, delayed communication with phone system vendors, and unplanned outages.

The New Way: Stratus Web Portal

At SpectrumVoIP, we simplify and unify all business phone communications easily from one web portal, giving you control and access anytime and applicable training that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Stratus Web Portal streamlines all business phone communication for businesses of every size and scope.

All-in-One Access For Your Team

Whether you have a team of two or two thousand, our Stratus Web Portal is designed to scale to the needs of your business.

Plus, our system is fully customizable so that your team can highlight desirable features and accomplish tasks with ease, editing ring, and queue settings, accessing personal call history, and reviewing personal call recordings all in one place.

Put simply, our Stratus Web Portal can help your team get and stay connected without wasting valuable time.

Administrative Controls: Management and Security for Your Business

As an administrator, you will have 24/7 access to and control of functions such as creating auto attendants, managing users, importing and adding hold music, checking and downloading any call recordings, and viewing call data reports. Plus, you’ll make the call on who can view, change, and access your system, allowing for tighter security and assuring access for authorized employees wherever and whenever they need it.

Efficient Solutions For Businesses of All Sizes

Small Business Solutions

Stratus Web Portal is an adaptable, user-friendly platform that delivers high-quality access without the high cost.

Manage all your phone communication needs like call history records, inbound and outbound call reports, after-hours call routing, CRM screen pops, click-to-call, or call recordings without breaking the budget.

Increase efficiency and gain insight into day-to-day operations like never before.

Mid Market or Large Enterprise Businesses

We know bigger businesses have bigger needs, so we designed the Stratus Web Portal to deliver features like advanced-call routing, customizable auto attendants, conference bridges, easy user management, customizable delivery of scheduled reports, and employee metrics.

The web portal is also adaptable, allowing for integration without costly extra training or weeks of trial and error.

Maximize In-House Efficiency with Your Call Center

Not only can you serve your customers quickly and efficiently through our Stratus Web Portal, but you can also gain real-time access to in-depth historical call center analytics, call trends, and real-time data. Complete access to call center data allows you to make informed business decisions and determine employee effectiveness and productivity.

Ready to experience the benefits of using our Web Portal?