Benefits of VoIP
Benefits Of VoIP For Restaurants

So, You’ve Got A Restaurant? Great. Time To Get The Right Technology.

As a restaurant owner, communication (and, well….food) is everything.

A VoIP phone systems allows restaurants to manage a high volume of calls without interference or busy signals. This way, your customers can enjoy a seamless communication process when calling to make reservations or ask questions. All in all, a great phone systems plays its part in providing a better dining experience, and VoIP especially allows restaurants to improve staff productivity.

A VoIP phone system in your restaurant:

  • Enables efficient and detailed communications for placing to-go orders, diminishing incomplete or incorrect orders.    
  • Opens up an effective communication method between kitchen and dining room management to improve workflow and enhance customer service.
  • Enhances the accuracy of taking orders and customer calls.
  • Is able to manage a huge volumes of calls by directing them to the right person through an Auto Attendant
  • Enables you to set custom messages or extensions that notify customers of hours, directions, specials, marketing promotions, and much more.

Most VoIP systems also have call analytics that give details about every incoming or outgoing call. By keeping track of the calls made and received throughout the day, you can specifically target your marketing efforts to the wants and needs of your customers.

One of the most revered features of a VoIP phone system is the ability to eliminate busy signals and reduce customer wait times. This is especially useful for restaurants that deal with a high volume of calls.

A customer who receives a busy signal will most likely just move on to your competitor–automatic money lost for your business. Since VoIP is equipped with Call Hold and Music, you can put the caller on hold automatically until the next available person can take the call. In this way, you can enhance customer service and make sure that no one is turned away through a lack of  communication.

Managing Costs

A VoIP phone system allows restaurants to manage multiple business functions while reducing maintenance, operation, and infrastructure costs.

For restaurants in multiple locations, using a reliable VoIP phone system can help reduce infrastructure costs because all branches and offices can be connected through a single VoIP platform. 

You can now eliminate the use of phone lines, which are often clunky, take up space, and often experience outages, to the sleek and efficient VoIP system that connects directly to your internet.

What to do if your internet connection goes down? Not a problem. SpectrumVoIP Automatic Failover keeps your phone service going even in the event of an internet outage.  VoIP also cuts down on your expenses: the monthly phone bills are often 50% less than with traditional phone lines. Through a high-speed data line, restaurants can save costs on extra equipment and long-distances calls.

Improved Communication For Chain Restaurants 

Chain restaurants especially benefit from using a VoIP phone.

A VoIP system allows restaurant owners to connect to offices and branches efficiently, get in touch with employees, and send or receive important information from multiple locations with ease.

A VoIP system provides restaurants total flexibility of operations by streamlining processes in multiple locations. It connects employees, managers, and staff across locations all through a single directory. You can also conduct a meeting or seminar with all your employees regardless of location through VoIP’s video conferencing features.  As long as you have an internet connection–which lets face it, who doesn’t–you can conveniently meet your staff virtually through this conferencing feature.

The No-Brainer Phone System

Getting a VoIP phone system in your restaurant is a no-brainer for two reasons:

1. A VoIP phone system is so easy to use, even a caveman could do it (Yes, Geico, it’s even easier than your insurance);

2. The cost savings and communication benefits are so great, it’s almost silly in this day and age not to have a VoIP system, especially if you’re running a restaurant.

To find out just how much you can save, visit us here.

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