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What Is The Best Phone System For Schools?

Best Phone System For Schools

A phone system at your school is absolutely essential, and finding an option that fits both your needs and your budget is sometimes much harder than you’ve anticipated.

There are many features to think about when choosing a phone service provider for your school. A good phone system is a necessity for administration to function properly day-to-day, and safety and reliability are  the most vital factors in choosing a phone system, especially during emergency situations.

Schools, like any other organization, need a reliable phone connection to communicate with parents, students, and within the school system. Fitting the school’s budget is another major factor that often determines what phone system a school can afford. Finding a reputable phone provider with the technology that is compatible with modern needs is top priority when making the right choice.

Read on to discover what features schools and universities need in order to function seamlessly, efficiently, and within an allocated budget.

Upgraded Technology

As technology advances, older phone systems are quickly becoming obsolete.

While businesses may get away with using older technology, the education system in particular needs a reliable and efficient solution that lasts long-term. Since budgets are set far in advance, it’s important to choose a phone system that aligns not only with your communication needs, but with the school board’s set budget.

Outdated technology slows down communication and can often interfere with education itself. With the onset of remote learning, malfunctioning equipment introduces a new set of issues that discourages students and staff, often leading to miscommunication, dropped calls, and discouragement with the learning process.

A VoIP phone system is an incredible technology that has been on the rise over the last decade. VoIP–or Voice over Internet Protocol, uses an internet connection rather than a landline to provide essential functions that a traditional landline phone system simply cannot.

Another major benefit? The reduction in the amount of equipment necessary–and a cheaper phone bill (your school board will LOVE that!).

We’ll show you some of the great features that will help you understand why VoIP is the finest phone solution for your school.


Schools require continuous communication, so if a phone connection goes down it can cause major domino effects leading to disaster: miscommunication,  staff unable to reach each other, and parents calling frantically.

The most important factor, however, is communication in case of emergencies. With school violence prevalent all across the country, it’s essential for staff and students to have a reliable way of reaching for outside help.

Landlines often go down, especially during storms, weather disasters, or general wear and tear. With cloud-based phone service, your phone lines remain active and strong via your internet connection.

Many schools ask, “What if our internet connection goes down?”

SpectrumVoIP offers Automatic Failover–a feature that keeps you connected from a backup, just incase your internet does have a service interruption.

Plus, since VoIP is a software, you are able to get unlimited upgrades as new technology is put out, which guarantees that your phone service performs at its best. 


VoIP phone systems cost significantly less than traditional landlines, which are often expensive and prone to outages. A cloud-based PBX system can save schools thousands of dollars, not only in monthly bills, but in equipment costs. With SpectrumVoIP, schools often shave off up to 50% off their monthly costs while enjoying better technology, upgraded phones, and unlimited support from our customer service.


Unlimited Features

A VoIP system allows you to have as many–or as few–features as you want. The cutting-edge technology is built to improve your communications and, to put it simply, it just makes life that much easier. VoIP features can be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.

Here are some of our favorite features:

Upgraded Intercom Systems:

An intercom system powered by VoIP technology allows schools to share messages and send notifications about important information or emergencies. Staff and administration can even make announcements over their phones or mobile apps, without having to use bulky, outdated intercom systems.

Newer VoIP intercom systems can even play music and be used as a bell to signal the start and end of classes. 

Improved Call Routing:

VoIP makes call routing much more efficient and easy to use. It has features like a staff directory, a pre-recorded menu of options to direct incoming calls, and Auto Attendants, making sure that every caller reaches the appropriate department or staff member. 


If you’re often away from your desk, meeting with parents, or making sure things are running smoothly on campus, the voicemail-to-email feature allows you to automatically have your voicemails sent to your mobile device, readable as an email. Now, you can quickly check your voicemails while in a meeting or running errands, without having to dial in or listen to a recording. a phone system that allows you to have your messages automatically routed to your mobile phone or other devices.


The Must-Have Choice for Schools

The verdict is in: VoIP is hands down the most cost-effective and dependable phone system for educational institutions.

VoIP phone services reduce your overall expenses, improve communication, and provide peace of mind with its reliable safety and emergency features. There is no expensive hardware, no outdated phones, and no lag in service.

Switching to VoIP is simple. SpectrumVoIP sends out professional technicians to your school, making sure all upgrades and transfers are done without a skip in your phone service. With the end of the school year approaching, it is the perfect time to get set up during the summer months. 

SpectrumVoIP offers affordable plans that meet all of your needs, so you can connect with employees, students, and parents efficiently. 

To see a list of features and get a personalized quote, visit SpectrumVoIP here.

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