Bringing Dynamic Growth In Communication Technology

We help you increase ease, access, and clarity of communication with new technology. We keep you prepared for the growing market demand.

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Here’s How Our Experience Serves Your Needs

Your communication matters. That’s why you want a company that has a history of helping clients. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours for the last 15 years. Whether you are a small team looking to scale or a big business in need of better quality and greater connectivity-we can help. We understand every business has needs unique to them. That’s why we offer plans that can scale with you as you grow, free installation, and unlimited features so you can build the system you need, how you need it, quickly and easily.

We Help You Move Forward With Technology

Several years ago, there was a radical shift in communication technology. Traditional systems, plans, and pricing were no longer relevant. Most providers refuse to pass these savings and service along to you. We aren’t like the traditional companies trapped in the past. We decided to bring industry advancement to you. We adopted our services so you can combine your phone line from traditional companies with internet service to host a PBX driven VoIP phone system without the need to purchase costly upgrades.

Technology Upgrades That Cut Costs

As VoIP business phone system technology grows, your costs shrink. By bringing our 15 years of experience, plan system, and new technology together, we now offer hosted, high-end, Yealink phone systems to small or regular sized companies on our servers. This cuts your phone bill costs up to 30%. We accomplished this by integrating traditional phone systems with high-end platforms.

We Develop Systems That Grow With Technology

In our 15 years of helping businesses get and stay connected, we’ve seen trends come and go and take dozens of communication businesses with them. We grow where others fail because we focus on serving your needs at a price that makes sense for you. We do this by only providing quality services adapted to scale with technology as it grows. No matter what changes happen, our systems will help you adapt and adopt them to keep growing with your customer’s needs.

Open Positions

It can be difficult choosing the right employer. Every company provides a unique set of perks-most of which aren’t as great as they sound. We know that, and that’s why we strive to provide perks and benefits employees love.

When you become a part of the Spectrum VoIP family/team (what fits your demographic? I am guessing ‘family’ but let me know), we provide you with benefits you want like health care, vision, dental, and life insurance. Our vacation PTO comes with unlimited rollover along with the option for buyback. The same is true for sick time PTO. We even have a company happy hour so you can relax and get to know the people you work with in a less formal setting.

So, what traits should someone looking to join the Spectrum VoIP family/team have? If you are able to thrive in dynamic situations, we are for you. If you can adapt to day-to-day demands, easily understand, interact with, and implement diverse types of technology, we are for you. If your idea of a great career is working in a disruptive industry that combines a tradition of high- quality service with the newest tech available-we are for you.

So let’s talk. Our open positions are available below.