Our Most Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

How is a VoIP phone different than a regular one?

The VoIP phone provides higher call quality, carries a lower monthly service cost, and includes options to add features traditional analog systems simply can’t.

How many lines will I get with your most basic plan?

We love getting this question! No matter your plan, you get UNLIMITED rollover lines. The reason why is that VoIP technology lets you answer all the calls you can handle without a lead EVER getting a busy signal. Also, to keep your business’s name showing up every time you call, we can set it up so your company caller ID shows every time-no matter how many outbound calls are being placed.

I have multiple locations. Will this still work for me?

Hosted systems are a great solution when you have a business with multiple locations. Our VoIP system makes it possible to manage all your administrative work in one place. You also get the added benefit of being able to transfer calls from one site to another, intercom back and forth, or redirect to a mobile agent while they are in the field. Since your phones have access to the internet, you can adapt features to make them work how you want-no matter how many locations you have.

Your site has a lot of acronyms and new words. Can you list them out so I know what they all mean?

We get this a lot. Here’s a quick and easy to follow guide for the language you see on the site.

VoIP: This is ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’. This works by sending your calls through the internet instead of a telephone network.
ISP: This is an ‘Internet Service Provider’. This is your local internet provider.
PBX: This is a ‘Private Branch Exchange’. This is a private telephone network specific to your business’s needs (without massive fees for installation, product, or care).

Why would I want a ‘Cloud Based Phone System’?

The cloud based system is a ‘hosted PBX’. You see this a lot throughout our site, and for good reason. Your business would want one because it uses a system of dedicated servers at data centers to get you access to high-tech features without high risk costs.

Will this system allow me the freedom to work from home?

This is important. As more of your team works from home, you need to make sure they can stay connected. Yes. Spectrum VoIP lets you route calls to your mobile service provider (IE-cell phone) so you can easily work at home. If your team works from home a lot but doesn’t want work blowing up your mobile phone, we can provide a desk phone for them. They install it, and it uses their internet connection. It runs like they were right there in your office without swamping their cell with non-stop calls.

What are the setup costs?

Setup and installation are free-as long as you use are part of our price protection plan system. If you are looking for a month-to-month option, you’ll need to provide the needed phones and equipment.

How does your installation work?

We make installation as easy as possible. First, we work with you to find an agreeable date. From there we send out a team member to set up cabling, install the system, customize the features you want, and train you in how to use it quickly and easily. We are known for providing a ‘zero downtime’ installation tailor fit to your needs.

Can we keep our original number?

Great question. Yes! You can keep your original number with zero cost to you. We will move it to your new service for free.

What features are included with service?

Let’s be clear-we don’t charge extra for services or features. We set up our plans so you have access to all our features no matter which one you choose. When we make improvements, you get them at no additional charge. We don’t punish customers by making them pay extra for the same features new applicants get for free.

Does your system work with a cordless phone?

Yes. We can provide cordless phones to replace your existing phone when you join our service. If you like your current one and want to keep it, we can supply you with an adapter so you can use your existing phone on the internet without interruption or connectivity issues.

Where do I go to troubleshoot, find user guides, and other info regarding my VoIP phones?

All FAQs, setup and troubleshooting guides can be found on our Support page, https://support.spectrumvoip.com/hc/en-us

If you don't find your answer, you can call Tech Support at 469-429-2500 or you can email Support on our Contact Us page.

How do I login to pay my bill, view invoices, or setup auto pay online?

To view your SpectrumVoIP bill, make payments, or to setup auto pay visit https://sso.spectrumvoip.com/login. If you need assistance setting up an account, please reach out to Billing by emailing us on our Contact Us page or call 972-312-0388, option 3.

Are my phones under warranty?

New phones come with a standard one year manufacturer warranty. If you purchase a refurbished or new phone from our Webstore, it will also come with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. If the warranty for your phone has expired, you will need to purchase a phone from the Webstore as a replacement.

SpectrumVoIP will not warranty phones purchased from 3rd party companies or phones not provided by us.

Can I move my desk phone?

The settings for your phone and extension are stored locally on the phone. If you move your phone to a new location, it will have the same settings as before.

If you intend to move phones to a new extension, you will need to contact support to re-program the phones to the correct extension. The extension will follow the physical desk phone.

How do I update or setup my voicemail greeting?

Visit the full instructions on how to setup your voicemail greeting here: https://support.spectrumvoip.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024048493-Stratus-How-do-I-change-my-voicemail-greeting