Retail & Restaurant

Trusted Connectivity For Quality Customer Care

Grow Customer Engagement Organically

You are in the hospitality industry. Your success pivots on providing access to your customers. Success stems from your customers being comfortable engaging with you. The first step to achieving that is providing high-quality uninterrupted connectivity so they can get real answers in real time. We can help you with our retail and restaurant VoIP phone service. It is designed to organically increase your customer’s user experience by simplifying communications. We do this both by making it easier for customers to pay for orders through services like SMS texting and making the information they want easily accessed with our file sharing option.

Grow With Your Potential

Be honest, your old system isn’t working anymore. The early days of handling calls through a single phone line have come to an end. Your business needs have grown, let us help. We can help you get the multiple lines, call routing, and your own private secure network. This will make your customers feel comfortable sharing billing information over the phone and keep them coming back week after week. We can help your business grow by building out your PBX and retail & restaurant VoIP phone service so it matches your needs. Then, as your needs grow, we can scale the service to meet demand.

SMS Messaging

CRM Integration

Full Time Call Recording

Automated Attendant

Failover Protection

Our Retail & Restaurant VoIP Technology Opens Paths To Growth

Getting bigger doesn’t have to be hard. When you scale your retail or restaurant business, your goal is to keep connected with buyers no matter how busy you are. Your old phone line can no longer do that. With our high-tech VoIP phone service, we not only provide a secure communication, we also have systems in place to ensure network connectivity with failover protection in case of emergency. Whether you are looking to provide consistent call flow for customer service, conference calling for big groups, mobility options for when you are out of office, or multiple extensions so your callers never get the busy line-we can help.

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