Enhanced Communication With Cloud-Based Call Centers

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Next-Level Communication for You and Your Customers

The most important aspect of a good call center phone system is reliability. When outages threaten productivity, you can rely on our VoIP Service Failover. We’re committed to keeping you up and running so you don’t have to worry about outages. SpectrumVoIP not only provides reliable and secure service, but we also offer a suite of features to enhance your call center functionality. Callers can interact with your customizable auto attendants and find the extension they need with our call routing feature. You can also relay important information to all customers through our customizable announcement feature. When you choose us, you’ll be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with your all of your customers, even as you expand your reach.

World-Class Installation For Your Growing Business

We save your company money, time, and energy by sending one of our expert teams to your location to install your system quickly, efficiently, and at no cost to you. Once your call center system is in place, we provide your team with the training that they need to deliver high-quality service, bring in and retain new customers, and make full use of all of our features. Our goal is to walk away from the installation job knowing that you’re satisfied with our system and that you’re ready to handle increased business as it comes your way.

Connect With Customers No Matter Where You Are

Maybe you don’t have an office, or maybe your business operates with multiple locations. Either way, with SpectrumVoIP, you have the ability to create a virtual call center that allows your agents to work remotely or seamlessly from site to site. Since our service is compatible with all devices and can be accessed virtually anywhere, you or your agents don’t have to worry about being out of the loop. With our Stratus Web Portal, you can access voicemails, faxes, and call recordings whenever the need arises. You can text or make calls using your business phone number, even when you’re on your mobile phone. Whether you want to expand your business’s reach through telemarketing, stellar customer support, or by growing your employee base, our virtual call center features make it easier.

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Gain Access to Real-Time Call Metrics

Our Call Center features allow you to ditch outdated, on-location call centers and take advantage of a versatile, modern alternative. Through these services, we provide access to critical information that will help you plan for success. Stay informed by viewing call metrics such as number of calls, call length, call resolution, and call transfers, or review call recordings in order to analyze customer needs and trends, and identify employee training opportunities, all found within our Stratus Web Portal. And, as you grow, these features scale with you so you never miss out on the critical information you need. With this kind of visibility, you’re able to make informed decisions that will maximize employee effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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