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StratusMOBILE: The World’s First Native Cellular Desk Phone

Forget everything you know about Business Cellular.

We’ve changed the game.

At SpectrumVoIP, we are excited to unveil our latest product. It’s called StratusMOBILE, and it’s designed to revolutionize the way you serve and interact with your customers. 

So What Is It?

StratusMOBILE is a true wireless service utilizing two major cellular networks (AT&T and T-mobile) that allows you and your team to make and receive calls from your iOS or Android devices as if you’re calling or answering from your SpectrumVoIP desk phone. With this new service, you’ll be able to take your desk phone (not literally, of course) with you wherever you go. 

With StratusMOBILE, you’ve finally found a solution to your multi-phone dilemma. No more juggling your personal cell phone, business cell phone, and office desk phone. Now you’ve got the flexibility to make and receive calls for business (or for pleasure!) all on one device.

Who Can Use It?

StratusMOBILE is a new service available to new or existing SpectrumVoIP customers. In conjunction with StratusMOBILE, users have access to the full Stratus Hosted PBX platform and other 50+ features that we are known for.

What Features Does StratusMOBILE Include?

In addition to its compatibility with Siri and other virtual assistants, the StratusMOBILE service helps you engage with customers in a whole new way:

  • No App Needed: Instead of having to log in to an app to get into business mode, you can maintain your business identity by using your native mobile phone dialer, text, and caller ID features. In other words, your desk phone becomes your mobile phone without any hassle on your part.
  • Call Recording: You can still take advantage of the Call Recording feature from our Stratus Web Portal directly from your mobile phone.
  • Call Reporting: All of your activity can still be documented on StratusMOBILE, even if you’re operating from your mobile phone away from the office.
  • Smart Roaming: You won’t have to worry about staying connected because, with StratusMOBILE. you’ll be able to smart-roam between AT&T and T-Mobile networks to maintain the best connectivity.
  • Texting: Use the native texting app on StratusMOBILE-enabled smartphones to reach customers while maintaining your business identity. Once again, you don’t have to log in and out of an app to get work done on your mobile phone.
  • Group Conference: Even if you’re away from the office, you can still join group audio conference calls through your smartphone’s native dialer.

There’s More

You and your employees can take advantage of a desk phone made to seamlessly integrate your phones. This optional Poly Elara 60 Docking Station connects to your StratusMOBILE phone via Bluetooth and provides a high-quality headset, dial pad, and even wireless charging. 

Are you excited about what StratusMOBILE will do for your business? Want to learn more?